Immagine del Veneto

A project for the visual documentation of outstanding architecture in Palladio’s homeland, funded by the Regione Veneto.

The aim of the project is to create a specialised photo library of Veneto architecture providing documentation of the outstanding works in the region’s monumental heritage, from the ancient Roman age to the death of Carlo Scarpa. Conceived and organised by the Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio in collaboration with the Veneto Region Media Library, the project involved identifying the most significant architectural works for a series of given historical periods. The works were then documented visually by referring to existing historical iconography and through new specially commissioned photographic campaigns; the whole collection of images is in digital format.

To make the most of the material gathered and to provide users with state-of-the-art research and data-interaction tools, an interface has been designed to access the information. This makes it possible to establish and emphasise the relations between a building, its images and the surrounding context. After iconographic documentation on the outstanding architecture was collected, the buildings in question were indicated on a satellite map of the Regione Veneto. The geographical map is still the most effective way of conveying the sense of a building and its setting in the surrounding territory by highlighting its relations with nearby towns, the landscape, communications networks, rivers and hills and mountains.

The photographs of each historical period have been used to illustrate the series being published dedicated to the Storia dell'architettura nel Veneto, published by Marsilio editori and Regione Veneto, which are available in the following volumes:

  • L'Altomedioevo e il Romanico, edited by Juergen Schulz, 2009;
  • Il Gotico, edited by Juergen Schulz, 2010;
  • Il Seicento, edited by Augusto Roca De Amicis, 2008;
  • Il Settecento, edited by Susanna Pasquali and Elisabeth Kieven; 2012
  • L'età Romana e Tardoantica, edited by Patrizia Basso e Giuliana Cavalieri Manasse; 2013

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