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Which items may be purchased?

How to place an order?

How to ask for an estimate?

What do you really purchase?

What is contained in the purchase contract?

How to make payment?

How to cancel an order?

What should you do if your order does not arrive?

How is your Credit Card information managed?

What are the shipping charges?


Which items may be purchased?

You may ask for an estimate for a digital copy only for those photographs which the Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura A. Palladio has the usage rights. For the rest of the photographs you may ask for information on who to contact to acquire them.

According to Italian law to use a copy it may be necessary to obtain the consent of the curator of the work of art. The procedures to obtain this concession are the sole responsibility of the user of the copy. The CISA does not have any responsibility concerning the need for a contact between the user and the curator of the work.

How to place an order?

Orders can be placed with a request for an estimate that lists the material desired and purpose of the order.

The director of the photographic library shall make the estimate and authorize all orders.

How to request an estimate?

For each photograph selected by clicking on its icon will be added to your shopping basket, all the items in the virtual shopping basket and available may then be forwarded for an estimate. Once the selection has been completed, you can go to the “processing orders” section to apply for an estimate. To complete the request it will be necessary to specify the use of the photographs (e.g. for study or publication) if for publication specify the characteristics of the publication in which the images will appear (e.g. number of copies, price, language and country of publication).

Estimates may be requested by e-mail to or by fax at the number +390444 322869.

What do you really purchase?

The available photographs are distributed solely in a high resolution electronic format available (tif RGB 24 bit, about 30 cm at 300 dpi). For images in a higher quality format you have to contact the photographic library directly.

What is included in the purchase contract?

On purchase, the buyer signs a contract with the Centro Internazionale di Studi di Architettura A. Palladio through which the buyer gains possession of a high resolution digital copy of the photographs ordered and is authorized to use them exclusively for the purposes expressed in the order. In particular the purchaser shall not redistribute the material or use it for other purposes than those initially expressed and shall cite the copyright of the photographs as indicated in the purchase contract.

How to make payment?

After the estimate is accepted and authorized payment may by made by:

  • Payment by credit card
  • Payment on delivery
  • Payment in advance by bank transfer, postal cheque, cheque or money order

In the filling out of the forms, if you possess one, your VAT identification number must be included for tax purposes.

You may choose to have the items shipped to an address different from the one used for billing purposes by paying in advance or by credit card.

You may choose two priorities of shipment of the images ordered:

  • Standard (delivery within three weeks receipt of payment)
  • Urgent (delivery within three weeks receipt of payment with a 5.00 € surcharge)

You may choose between shipping:

  • to the buyer’s FTP
  • For national orders
    • Pacco Celere 3
    • Pacco Celere 1 (Express Courier)
  • For international orders
    • international registered mail

On indication of your choice of shipping and inclusion of all the information for billing and shipping, the order can be confirmed.

How to cancel an order?

An order may be cancelled for any reason and at any time before shipping has begun by visiting our customer service area and sending us an e-mail or giving us a call.

What should you do if your order does not arrive?

If the articles purchased do not arrive, contact our customer service area. Then we will verify the situation through the tracking service of the courier.

How is your credit card information managed?

The handling of the data related to your credit card will be performed by the Banca Sella, which in addition to assuring a high level of security through its protocol for the data transfer, it provides the highest level of security (that of a bank) for their storage. Our centre does not see or keep any information concerning your credit card.

What are the shipping charges?

The shipping charges for Italy and abroad can be seen here.